Open Source Software for the Quality Control of Geophysical Observations

Welcome to the kvalobs open source software project (kvoss).

Mission Statement

The project is launched by in collaboration with SMHI

Kvoss is a term to describe a collection of closely related software products dedicated to the quality control of geophysical data, e.g. meteorological observations. The software was initially developed at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

Kvoss is made available under the GNU General Public License version 2.

Kvoss does no longer exist as common technical unit, but exists on github as different repositories: |

Project Description Path on github
kvmeta Metadata scripts for MET Norway's kvalobs installation
kvalobs Open Source Software for the Quality Control of Geophysical Observations
kvhqc Interface and tools for Manual Quality Control
kvmodelpopulatePopulate kvalobs model data tables from

There exist an subversion for older stuff - generally not in use

Latest News



Operational kvalobs implementation at

kvoss project working documentation


Additional libraries

Project email groups

Miscellaneous items

Origin of the term kvalobs

  • kvalobs is an acronym derived from the Norwegian expression “kvalitetssikring av observasjoner”. The translation of this to English is “quality assurance of observations”.
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