PLANNED: Project email groups

  • Request membership to the kvoss project group: ( ( send mail to kvoss-dev@met.no ) ) TBD.
  • Request membership to the kvoss core development team: ( ( send mail to kvoss-commit@met.no ) ) TBD.
  • Subscribe to the kvoss user group: ( ( send mail to kvoss-users@met.no ) ) TBD.

Proposed group usage The kvoss-dev group is intended for people working in the project from all disciplines: specification, design, implementation, testing and operations. The kvoss-commit group is restricted to team members with write access to subversion to optimise the use of the subversion repositories and reduce confusion by announcing specific work on the source code. The kvoss-users group is for news, announcements and discussion not limited to the project group.

The above email group plan relies on having a mail tool which logs the history of all communications … for now we are still using Kvalobs-dev@met.no.

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