Meeting at SMHI in conjunction with NORDKLIM 2007-10-11


No Actionee Description
001 smhi.se Provide list of libraries not available in main distribution
002 met.no Update wiki pages with table of library locations, also include libpuTools pointer
003 met.no Clarify use of kvhqc_apps
004 met.no Provide information on use and building of java applications included in kvalobs distribution
005 met.no Confirm whether library kvcpp or kvcpp2 is necessary
006 smhi.se Provide proposal on improved security with CORBA session identity / authentication etc.


  • 001

The HQC tool is dependent on the following libraries that not are present in the kvoss svn: qTimeseries, qUtilities, pets2, tsData, puMet, glText, GLP, miconfparser, puDatatypes, parameter, puCtools and also the library puTools

  • 002

qTimeseries, qUtilities, pets2, tsData, puMet, glText, GLP, puDatatypes, parameter, puCtools and puTools : are located in https://svn.met.no/viewvc/metlibs

miconfparser : included in kvalobs as https://svn.met.no/viewvc/kvoss/kvalobs/trunk/src/lib/confparser/ (builds libmiconfparser)

  • 003

Neither HQC nor kvalobs have any dependency on kvhqc_apps. Kvhqc_apps includes tools used by observational personnel at met.no for work with operational data, e.g. kvalobs db, sms messages etc. At the moment: FindMissing - gives a view of missing observations in table data for several typeid, and also a view of rejected data in table rejectdecode. SMSedit looks up Kvalobs table data. FindMissing depends on Kvalobs. An nice and important tool. SMSedit - gives a view of observations in Kvalobs table data and table rejectdecode, and also logfiles from the SMS dataflow of original observations towards Kvalobs. The user may edit in the observation telegram, and send an updated original observation telegram to Kvalobs. SMSedit depends on Kvalobs and SMS datafile format.

  • 004

Java applications are built using ant, e.g. just type “ant” in either the ./src/service-libs/java or ./src/kv2kl where a build.xml file exists. Vague memory that the java software is used for testing and acting as various simulators ???? 1).

  • 005

2007-10-15 Libraries for clients accessing kvalobs. kvcpp2 should be used in place of kvcpp. Currently HQC uses kvcpp and other client applications uses kvcpp2.

2007-10-29 kvcpp2 → kvcpp. Both HQC and kvalobs now use the latest kvcpp (i.e. what was kvcpp2). The old kvcpp has been removed.

  • 006

2007-11-06 SMHI is currently investigating if the use of SSL is good enough for our requirements.

1) more information/confirmation needed
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