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QC2 Acceptance Test & Other Possible Tests

Subject: Acceptance test of precipitation re-distribution algorithms in QC2 (if precip. missing for >= 1 days)

Participants: Per-Ove, Solfrid, Ole Einar, Matthias (author of this page)

Not present: Paul

Issues discussed:

  • Test with different kinds of precipitation data: Convective, terrain (complex/flat), proximity to Swedish border
  • Precipitation measurements have already 10% measurement inaccuracy; good result if we can achieve a certain (yet unknown) percentage accuracy in estimated values
  • Convective case especially challenging: Half of stations could have precipitation, other half not.
  • Automatic QC2 should give better result than HQC –> Could this be tested? (Hypothetical HQC test dataset could be used and compared with automatic QC2)
  • Tests of QC2 should be carried out using historic data. Results should be compared with measurements.
  • We have enough data for extensive evaluation and reliable statistical error estimations.
  • Should HQC still check results of automatic QC2 (probably not feasible)
  • Is QC2 giving better results than values of numerical models that are stored in KDVH. –> Test this

Acceptance tests with different datasets:

  1. Precipitation type (convective/frontal)
  2. Regions/topography/catchment areas
  3. Station edensity/coverage
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