Diana is a meteorological visualisation and production software developed at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (met.no). Diana is developed for operational use at met.no, and has been used this way since spring 2000. Diana is also used extensively by researchers. It was released as open source under the GNU General Public License (GPL) in May 2006.

Combined visualisation of

  • Fields
  • Satellite and radar images
  • Surface observations
  • Trajectories in isosurfaces
  • Weather charts

Separate viewers available for

  • Soundings
  • Vertical cross sections
  • Time series

Editing tools

  • Field modification
  • Drawing of fronts, weather symbols etc.

Other features

  • Highly customizable with setup-files
  • Batch version for non-interactive production available

Diana depends on an IT infrastructure, including databases/filesystems for fields, observations and images. There are no acquisition or dissemination tools included.

  • Linux (We use Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04)
  • C++ (g++)
  • Qt 5 for GUI and window handling, platform independent
  • Qt OpenGL for hardware-accelerated 2D graphics
  • a few other Free and Open Source libraries (fonts etc.)
  • connections between applications via coserver messages.

See README.md for build instructions and information about dependencies.

The test data files may be downloaded here:

  • Field format: NetCDF (CF-1.1 compliant), OpenDAP, Grib1&2
  • Observation format: BUFR (rdb and WMO standard templates), Ascii (simple inhouse format)
  • Satellite and radar images: geotiff, mitiff (tiff with geographical header), HDF5
  • Maps: ESRI shape, ASCII (simple inhouse format)
  • Weather symbols: ASCII (simple inhouse format)

Email: diana@met.no

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