Kvalobs meeting at SMHI 23. - 24. November 2010


  • SMHI: Björn Hörling, Yngve Einarsson, Ulf Fredriksson, Leif Hallingfors och Mats Sundqvist
  • met.no: Vegard Bønes, Paul Eglitis, Knut Johansen, Gabriel Kielland, Per-Ove Kjensli, Øystein Lie og Børge Moe

Presentations and topics discussed during the meeting

Presentation / discussion Actionee Comment
Kvalobs project at met.no 2010 Per-Ove Kjensli, met.no The aim of the project and results
flaggverdier_20101123.ppt Gabriel Kielland, met.no The use of controlinfo flags, changes in flag document
Useinfo to users Per-Ove Kjensli, met.no How is useinfo used to communicate quality to public
Leif Hallingfors, smhi.se How flags are handled at SMHI
QC2 Overview Paul Eglitis, met.no QC2 overview
QC2 Workplan nordklim QC2 joint project proposal
Yngve Einarsson, smhi.se Observation data flow at SMHI
Børge Moe, met.no Observation data flow at met.no
Leif Hallingfors, smhi.se Kvalobs configuration at SMHI
metadata_20101124.ppt Gabriel Kielland, met.no Kvalobs metadata at met.no, perspective and specifics
Mats Sundqvist, smhi.se HQC functionality at SMHI
Knut Johansen, met.no HQC functionality at met.no
QAbase presentation Vegard Bønes, met.no New QABase
kvalobs_qc1.ppt Øystein Lie, met.no New QC1 checks
qc-1_checker_vid_smhi.doc Ulf Fredriksson, smhi.se QC1 implementation
kontroll_oversikt_vid_smhi.doc Ulf Fredriksson, smhi.se QC1 implementation


No. Actionee Description Details
001 met.no Merge into common code In 2011
002 smhi.se Merge into common code In 2011
003 smhi.se How to handle releases in common code In 2011
004 met.no and smhi.se Exchange knowledge of how checks are implemented In 2011
005 met.no and smhi.se Develope next generation HQC-app. In longer perspective
006 smhi.se QC of Radiation data in Kvalobs To extract knowledge
007 met.no QC2 joint project proposal (Nordklim) In 2011 –>


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