To Do List and Related Documentation

The original to do list is managed in a word document at Here updated versions of the todo list are posted as well as space to discuss tasks of wider interest. The objective of this page is to provide global visibility of the to do list.

The following archive of to-do documents are available. Evolving translations into english are now available:

Norwegian English
20080303 # - -
20080304 # - -
- # 20081104 -
- # 20090511 -
- # 20100122 -
- # 20100208 -
- # - -

All are encouraged to download the latest and post an update, with timestamp, in the next available table cell.

It would be better to integrate discussion and tracking of to-do items in a common tool with easy acces to all kvoss interested parties. Suggestions for open source packages etc. to achieve this are welcome. For now discussions on hot topics can be placed in the wiki.

Akt. Nr Description
21 Summertime at Norwegian precipitation stations
- -
404 Build System (with example random text)
edit me To set up the next discussion topic

Link to archive of old discussions



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