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This wiki is running on a wiki server hosted at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (METNO). In order to browse the contents of the wiki, no username nor password is required. In order to edit the wiki, this is however a requirement.

The wiki shares the technological framework with many other projects hosted by METNO. The username and password required to edit this wiki is maintained in a central LDAP repository and is used for other services hosted by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (e.g. bugzilla, subversion or data access). If you already have a username and password and this somehow has passed undetected, please notify Øystein by email.

Concerning the plugins and functionality available, a list of installed plugins is available at https://wiki.met.no/plugins. Among these the plugins for discussion and tasks are usually the most frequently used ones. The task plugin is activated at page Tasks while the discussion plugin is activated at several pages, e.g. Conversion between metadata standards, Metadata standards and Vocabularies.

For questions concerning functionality please email Øystein.

Information have been copied from the site managed by Ira at http://www.npdc.nl/profile/.

See the participant list.

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