In preparation for CMIP6 and the required model output for the various MIPs, NorESM2 has been set up with different configurations, all run as AMIP using the compset NF2000climo (on 2 degrees) in noresm-dev (2.0: commit 7757f2d8258d5f84e960db12f840afebc69d7856 from October 30'th 2018; (2.1: COMMIT 35b90aab78c2cceee636539894c9ff9015355f2f from March 25'th 2019) The given estimates in CPU-time increase are based on 1 month simulations, including model initialization, and are therefore low end estimates.

With standard set-up of the model, the monthly output variables (1, 2 and 3 D) are:

standard set-up output

Adding history_aerosol = .true. to user_nl_cam gives the following additional 577 variables (+ ca. 13 % CPU-time)

history_aerosol extra output

Furthermore including #define AEROFFL to preprocessorDefinitions.h gives 8 additionally variables (+ ca. 5% CPU-time)

AEROFFL extra output

and when also #define AEROCOM is activated there, we additionally get the following 149 variables (+ ca. 13% CPU-time)

AEROCOM extra output

Finally, also taking out COSP data (./xmlchange - - append CAM_CONFIG_OPTS='-cosp'), the following 57 output variables (of which 7 are 4 D) are added to the output (+ ca. 10% CPU-time):

COSP extra output

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