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  • 22.01.2009: River data files for Med region (1 Italian station) available in ODV from ftp site.
  • 19.01.2009: River data files for NOOS region (Norwegian stations) available in ODV from ftp site.
  • 15.12.2008: River data files for BOOS region available from SMHI ftp site.
  • 16.02.2008: Action lists updated after T2.5 meeting in Glyfada.
  • 09.02.2008: First issues of River Station List (see S2.5.1 page); uploaded to Progecta as draft version V0.3 of D2.5.2.1
  • 09.02.2008: Updates of some River Data Catalogs (see [ecoop-river:[start:s2.5.1|S2.5.1 page]])
  • 06.02.2008: View Data Catalogue status in GoogleEarth (see S2.5.1 page)
  • 31.01.2008: D2.5.1.1 V0.6 uploaded to Progecta
  • 14.01.2008: Link to Wikipedia articles on European rivers - see S2.5.1 page or direct link
  • 09.01.2007: NOOS catalog updated - see S2.5.1 page
  • 14.12.2007: IBI-ROOS description of work and revised inventory documents added to S2.5.1 page. New data format documents from GRDC added to S2.5.2 page.
  • 12.12.2007: Action list for S2.5.1 updated.
  • 15.10.2007: Action lists updated!


  1. Get an overview of what's available, what's possible to access in the (near) future and how.
  2. Set up procedures for data provision via the EDMS.
  3. Implement an initial feed of NRT river data to demonstrate value.


  • Work through the ROOS'es to access data providers.
  • Cooperate with the EDMS developers on provision to users – ROOSes as main channel.
  • Get feedback on usefulness and upgrade.
  • (Task lead): Bruce Hackett (
  • RWS: Eric Sprokkereef (
  • SMHI: Lennart Funkquist (
  • AZTI: Yolanda Sagarminaga (
  • MHI: Eugeny Lemeshko (
  • BSH: Susanne Tamm (
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