Subtask 2.5.3

Title: Implementation of initial data sets in ECOOP Data Management System

Lead partner:

Participants: All

Period: Months 12-36

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S2.5.3: Implementation of initial data sets in ECOOP Data Management System

Objectives: Provide river runoff data in each region to users through the ECOOP Data Management System

Description: This subtask will focus on provision of NRT data, based on the lists from Task 2.5.1 and utilizing the procedures developed in Task 2.5.2. The main activity will be effectuating the contacts with data providers and putting data acquisition procedures into operation. Access to the initial NRT data sets will be implemented for each region by the end of the project. Access to representative elements of the initial NRT data sets will be demonstrated during the TOP. Critique of the data provision will be solicited from ECOOP partners and other member users in each regional association, as input to an assessment and recommendations for improvements.

  • Contact identified data providers, both directly and through national members of the regional EuroGOOS associations, and initiate data delivery to the EDMS under the agreed terms.
  • Identify a test provider able to provide NRT data early in the project period. Test the data acquisition and interfacing procedures (cf. subtask 2.5.2) on this data stream.
No. Title Resp MM Nature Diss Due
D2.5.3.1* Interfacing river runoff data to the ECOOP Data Management System 3 R PP 18
D2.5.3.2 Description and assessment of the ECOOP river runoff data provision 3 R PP 36

*This deliverable is misnumbered in the DoW. It really belongs to S2.5.2. However, it's easier to leave the numbering unchanged. See Subtask 2.5.2

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