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Diana - roadmap

Current tasks

Field edit / chart production

  • Remove production database
  • Write products to file
  • Use the NetCDF format (fields)

New drawing tool

  • Polylines, symbols, text
  • Time dependent/independent
  • EditObjects have properties like: id, priority, style
  • Possible to show/edit several layers
  • Possible to define styles in setup (Warm fronts, cold fronts etc)
  • Fileformat: KML


Raster images

  • Use the field interface
  • Select channel mixing in the gui

Web Map Services

  • producing WMS-layers
    • bdiana can produce maps for WMS servers, but this functionality needs improvment
  • displaying WMS-layers
    • Diana should be able to display maps from WMS-servers


  • More general plotting, all parameters available
  • Move parameter definitions to the setupfile
  • Possible to mix data from different sources (metadata + data)


  • All information available from ascii files should also be available from http
    • setupfile, ascii-obs, maps, product definitions

Finished tasks


  • Diana are now using proj4 to handle projection, but there are some issues left:
    • Remove all reference to the old projection-library milib
    • There are still some problems when plotting spherical earth data on a map with spheroidal reference surface
      • Resolved, but not implemented yet
    • UTM - diana do not understand UTM projections

Field interface

  • Use The fimex library to read field data
    • Read Felt-format, NetCDF (including ncml), Grib(1&2), and Wdb
    • FieldFunctions will use standard_names (cf)
  • Definitions will be moved from the setupfile to gui
  • reference time
  • plot type (contour, wind arrows, values etc)
  • All fields from a data source should be available as 1-dimensional plots without any setupfile definitions
  • Plot definitions in the setupfile will be used to define: plotname, default options, multi-dimensional plots etc


  • New features in StationPlots
    • StationDialog - select and manage StationPlots
    • New action: show url

Vertical cross-sections

  • Use fimex to read vertical cross-sections
  • refactoring current vcross code

Vertical profiles

  • Use fimex to read vertical profiles
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