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Raster images in diana


Show raster images in diana using fimex. Diana will no longer distinguish between nwp fields and satellite images. Diana will use fimex to read the data, and different FieldPlot methods to plot the data.


  • NetCDF/CF
  • Open issues
    • Handling of categorised data like NWCSAF PPS.
      • Especially handling of text strings.
    • Level 0, 1, 2, 3 support?
    • Standardisation of handling/documentation of auxiliary data.
      • As global attributes or variables?

Plot methods

  • The satellite plot methods available today must be available as FieldPlots (rgb, cut, colours)
    • RGB combination of bands containing bi-directional reflectance or brightness temperatures.
    • Visualisation of categorised images (e.g. NWCSAF PPS cloud mask and cloud type).
  • Dynamic categorisation (grouping of integer or floating point numbers in groups1)) of data on the fly? New functionality
  • Possibility to operate a mathematical function on a combination of bands in a file. Typically add, subtract, multiply and divide with possible constants involved. New functionality


  • Possibility to open a specific file and then chose visualisation method (whether rasterising, contouring or filled contouring, including an options to chose among built in and self defined palettes)
  • One dialogue for point data another dialogue for gridded data (whether NWP or remote sensing).


1) Possible to a certain extent in existing field handling
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