Tseries is a Meteorological timeseries viewer, developed at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. The source code for Tseries is available as open source under the GPL license. Tseries is part of the Norwegian Meteorological Workstation and can be connected to Diana.


Tseries is able to read data from different sources. The diagram composition allows to combine sources from different files into one diagram.

  1. http Tseries is able to read data from an URL interface, this is used to access observation data
  2. Fimex Tseries uses Fimex to interpolate data in fields.


The Diagram style is defined by style files. Diagram styles cannot be altered interactively. Tseries styles can be connected to several data-sources by the tsDiagrams.def file.


The Tseries user interface is presented in English, but since Tseries is using the Qt-linguist tool, other languages can be adapted easily. Other language packages are welcome contributions to the open-source project. Tseries already supports:

  • English
  • Norwegian (Nynorsk / Bokmål )
  • Swedish
  • German
  • French

Source code

Tseries is a C++ project, using the Qt GUI Framework and built using cmake. Tseries is developed on Ubuntu. A feature to create debian files is included int the build-tree. Other linux distributions are not explicitly supported or tested.

The Tseries source code is available at github.

Ubuntu Packages

Tseries packages may be installed from launchpad/met-norway PPA. Please follow the instructions on that site and install the latest tseries-X.Y package.

Setup files

Since Tseries-6.2 setup i separated into an extra package. Setup files are specific designed for the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, but can be downloaded and altered locally. The setup files are supported by autotools to install them locally. There is also a feature to create debian packages for the setup-files.

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