Why do we need an issue tracker

  1. Oslo and Bergen can easily see what the others are working on
  2. Better traceabilty of code changes (an issue can contain a reference to a code change)
  3. Better work planning
  4. Better communication between developers
  5. Help us work as a team, not just a collection of individuals.

Log in and check what is there

  1. In github: Go to the “issues” tab. Sort by milestones or labels to see the ones you are interested in

Create issues

  1. Go to “create issue”. Note that in NorESM, the issues are different components. Make sure you select the right component for your issue.
  2. Also add other information to the issue as label (can be e.g. be a project-name). Adding Multiple labels is OK.

Priority definition for NorESM

  1. Blocker: We need to solve this immediately. Some project can not be delivered because of this problem. Problem blocks other people from working.
  2. Critical: Should be solved as quickly as possible. Major problem with product functionality.
  3. Major: This is the default priority
  4. Minor: Nice to do this, but not really necessary
  5. Trivial: Fix this when you have the time
  6. Not prioritized: We don't need to do this

Which issues should we add to different milestones

  1. Find out together with your team which issues are most important
  2. Add the issue to the appropriate milestone


  1. When you want to start working on something you should always do something which is included in a milestone. Those are the tasks that the team has defined as most important.
  2. Go to the task and choose “assign” and “assign to me”.

Connection to version control system

  1. Mention the task when you commit the fix. For example git commit -m “metno/noresm#346: I did something clever” will link the changeset to the right issue in github.
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