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Uncertain parameters (which can be discussed) in the aerosol model

Parameter Meaning Where in code
sticking coefficients How easy is it for H2SO4 to condense on aerosol modes condtend.F90 (and AeroTab for the look-up tables)
size distribution/total dust emission Tune on fraction of dust going to different modes (back to aerocom estimates??): how much is emitted in DST_A2 relative to the DST_A3 tracer oslo_dust_intr.F90
om_to_oc How much more “OM” do we get when “OC” is emitted mo_srf_emission.F90, mo_extfrc.F90
below cloud scavenginv coeffs Below cloud scavenging coefficients aerosoldef.F90
size of “life-cycle species” what is the effective size of “condensate”, “coagulate” aerosoldef.F90
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