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noresm2nc4 - NorESM output compression tool (NorStore version)

This version of NorESM's output compression script works on NorStore's login-nodes as well as on NorStore's newly established computational node (request access to cruncher via

Run /projects/NS2345K/tools/noresm2nc4 -h to print detailed instructions:

Usage: noresm2nc4 <absolute path to case in archive directory> 

Example: noresm2nc4 /project/NS2345K/noresm/cases/my-noresm-case 
Purpose: Converts NorESM output to compressed netcdf 4 format and gzips restarts   

Description: IMPORTANT: Only run one instance of noresm2nc4 on a single case
             at a time (it is ok to run multiple instances of noresm2nc4 on multiple 
             NorESM cases). If a noresm2nc4 job terminates before completion then 
             rerun noresm2nc4 (the tool will continue where it stopped).  

             Influencial environmental variables (default values): 
               NTHREADS  (8)                              # number of cpus used
               ZIPRES    (1)                              # 1=gzip restart files 
               RMLOGS    (1)                              # 1=remove log files
               COMPLEVEL (5)                              # compression level 

Change history: 2014.06.26 ( ported hexagon version to NorStore
                2014.04.29 ( first version of noresm2nc4
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