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noresm2nc4mpi - hexagon compression tool for NorESM output

Run /work/shared/noresm/tools/noresm2nc4mpi -h to print detailed instructions:

Usage: /work/shared/noresm/tools/noresm2nc4mpi <absolute path to case in archive directory> 

Example: export ACCOUNT=nn9039k 
         export WALLTIME=24:00:00 
         noresm2nc4mpi /work/ingo/archive/my-noresm-case 
Purpose: Converts NorESM output to compressed netcdf 4 format and gzips restart files   

Description: noresm2nc4mpi is fully mpi parallized and submits a pbs job 
             to the queue to do the compression on the backend.  
             IMPORTANT: Only run one instance of noresm2nc4mpi on a single case
             at a time. Yet, it is safe to run multiple instances of noresm2nc4mpi 
             on multiple NorESM cases at a time. In case that a noresm2nc4mpi job 
             terminates before completion then simply run noresm2nc4mpi again 
             (the tool with continue where it stopped).  

             Influencial environmental variables (default values): 
               ACCOUNT   (nn2345k)
               WALLTIME  (48:00:00) 
               NTHREADS  (32)                             # number of cpus used
               ZIPRES    (1)                              # 1=gzip restart files 
               RMLOGS    (1)                              # 1=remove log files
               COMPLEVEL (5)                              # compression level 
               NCCOPY    (/opt/cray/netcdf/4.1.3/gnu/46/bin/nccopy)
               NCDUMP    (/opt/cray/netcdf/4.1.3/gnu/46/bin/ncdump)  
               GZIP      (/usr/bin/gzip) 
               TEMPDIR   (/work/ingo/noresm2nc4mpi) 
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