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Model-run description for two AeroCom A2 test simulations with CAM5-Oslo (NorESM2-M)

Purpose of simulation: Quick aerosol check, and validation for PD conditions (results shown on

Contact person: Alf Kirkevåg (

Data owner: Alf Kirkevåg (

Revision Number: r217 + code not yet committed to svn

Production computer used: Cray XT in Bergen (hexagon)

Production date: May 2014

Ensemble runs: No

Storage locations: local disk (PI and PD), and aerocom-work (only PD simulation)


Storage space: 26 Gb locally, 3.2 Gb at aerocom-work

Projects: EarthClim/EVA and AeroCom


Papers in preparation:

Simulation name(s): NFAMIPDIRcorrem (renamed CAM5-Oslo_TEST-emi2000 at and NFAMIPDIRcorrempre

Compset name used: NFAMIPDIRIND

Model type: Stand-alone cam (atmosphere) default with prescribed ocn/ice (ocean and sea-ice)

Type of run: Initial

Simulation period: 1 years

Spin-up period: 4 years


Resolution: f09_f09 = 0.9×1.25_0.9×1.25

Emission year(s): 2000 (NFAMIPDIRcorrem) and 1850 (NFAMIPDIRcorrempre).

Emission inventories: IPCC AR5, see references in Kirkevåg et al. (2013)

Greenhouse gases: Prescribed concentrations

Frequency for output: Monthly

Active/changing forcing agents: Direct effect by anthropogenic SO4, POM and BC

Special considerations:

Tuning parameters which are changed relative to the host model CAM5: None

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