Purpose of simulation: Transient run for describing climate change in the 20th century (1850-2005)

Contact person: Øyvind Seland (

Data owner: Mats Bentsen (

Revision Number: r112

Production computer used: Cray XT3 in Bergen (hexagon)

Production date: November - March 2010 /2011

Ensemble runs: Yes, 3 members

Storage locations: NorStore (/projects/NS2345K/noresm/cases/N20TRAERCN_f19_g16_0X), where X = ensemble member, X=1,2,3 for this particular set-up

Storage space: 1,6 Tb at NorStore (for each ensemble member)

Projects: EarthClim

Publications: Bentsen, M., I. Bethke, J. B. Debernard, T. Iversen, A. Kirkevåg, Ø. Seland, H. Drange, C. Roelandt, I. A. Seierstad, C. Hoose, and J. E. Kristjansson (2012): The Norwegian Earth System Model, NorESM1-M. Part 1: Description and basic evaluation, Geosci. Model Dev., 6, 687-720, doi:10.5194/gmd-6-687-2013

Papers in preparation:

Simulation name(s): N20TRAERCN_f19_g16_0X), where X = ensemble member, where X = 1,2,3 for this set-up

Compset name used: N20TRAERCN

Model type: Fully coupled

Type of run: Hybrid

Simulation period: 156 years

Initialisation Start from CMIP5 control simulation. Ensemble member 1: NAER1850CNOC_f19_g16_05, year 700. 2: NAER1850CNOC_f19_g16_06, year 730, 3: NAER1850CNOC_f19_g16_06, year 760

Resolution: f19_g16= 1.9×2.5 degree atmosphere/land. Dipolar ocean/ice grid, ~ 1 degree

Emission year(s): 1850-2005 (aerosol and aerosol-precursors)

Greenhouse gases: Prescribed concentrations 1850-2005

Emission inventories IPCC AR5, see references in Kirkevåg et al. (2013)

Frequency for output: Monthly and selected daily 1850-1949: Monthly + daily + 6h +3h as defined by CMIP5: 1950-2005

Active/changing forcing agents: Greenhouse gases: Direct and indirect (1. & 2.) effects of SO4, POM and BC.

Special considerations: An extension of the historical simulation to 2012 is done by using RCP8.5 scenario; There is a bug in the column burden for aerosols. The column burden has to be recalculated using concentrations. This was corrected before the RCP scenarios (revision 118); The CMIP 5 files for these simulations can be found at /projects/NS9034K/CMIP5/output1/NCC/NorESM1-M/historical.

Tuning parameters which are changed relative to the host model CAM4:

rhminl: 0.90 lower RH threshold for formation of low stratiform clouds (0.91 in CAM4)

critrp: 5.0 mm/day maximum prcipitation rate for suppression of autoconversion of cloud water (0.5 mm/day in CAM4)

r3lc: 14 um critical mean droplet volume radius for onset of autoconversion (10 um in CAM4)

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