EGOWS 2014

The 25th annual meeting of the European Working Group on Operational meteorological Workstations (EGOWS) was hosted by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute in Oslo, Norway, June 02-05, 2014.

EGOWS was founded in 1990 as an informal forum for people working in the development field of operational meteorological workstations. The annual EGOWS meeting offers an excellent platform for exchanging information and furthering co-operation among the experts from European NMS’s, ECMWF and other institutes.

The meeting consists of presentations, software demonstrations, and working group sessions. Talks and demonstrations focus on the latest developments and give the participants the opportunity to demonstrate their current operational systems. Working groups are intended for discussions on special subjects. The meeting language is English. The EGOWS meeting doesn’t only focus on IT technology it can also encompass methodology, organisation of forecasting.

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