Class overview

  • Sat
  • SatPlot
  • SatManager
  • MItiff

Libraries used

  • diMItiff


Info about one satellite product (one time, all channels)

  • data
  • calibration
  • projection
  • dimensions
  • channels


Has one Sat object, and know how to plot it


Parse setup
  • Product
    • filenames
    • times available (from filename)
Answer requests
  • Which times are available
  • Header information from one product (time, projection,calibration, channels etc)
  • SatPlot object from one product


  • Static functions
  • Interface between diana and the library diMItiff
  • The library functions reads just the header or header and data into some internal structure.
  • The functions in the class MItiff puts the header info and the data into a Sat object
Current syntax

channels= PSC_Z
sub.type = Norden_2km_dBZ
file = $(OPDATA3)/nordrad/mitiff/RRPSC_Z_DNORDIC_2000_[yyyymmddHHMM].mitiff

Some additional info about file type are needed

New syntax

channels= PSC_Z
sub.type = Norden_2km_dBZ
type = mitiff
file = $(OPDATA3)/nordrad/mitiff/RRPSC_Z_DNORDIC_2000_[yyyymmddHHMM].mitiff

Change SatManager
  • parse and keep type information (MItiff default)
  • call the right static function depending on type, now only MItiff functions are called
Make a new class which contains static functions which return
  • Header info
  • Palette
  • data
  • day_night (only used in the function which sets channels depending on solar height)
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