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(This is mainly a listing of the steps involved for myself. Scripts and templates: scripts.tar.gz)

  1. run ${VAR}/scripts/FULL_batch_bc_${VAR}
  2. wait till jobs have finished
  3. run ${VAR}/scripts/FULL_batch_bc_${VAR}
  4. wait till jobs have finished, check .out and .err files

  5. rename files according to CLIPC, BCIP and arcticdata standards: run ../scripts/BCIP_rename_${VAR}.sh #(in out directory)
  6. Edit NetCDF attributes according to CLIPC and BCIP standards: for file in *.nc;do ../scripts/BCIP_ncatted_${VAR}.sh $file;done #(in out directory)
  7. Do some simple check for reasonable values: for file in *.nc; do BCIP_basic_test_${VAR}.sh $file;done » ../test/basics.log &
  8. upload to arcticdata server: adjust ${VAR}/out/ and run it


  1. merge and make monthy sum/average for bias_corrected sims: run ${VAR}/test/ resp. ${VAR}/test/
  2. make monthy sum/average for raw sims: run ${VAR}/test/ resp. ${VAR}/test/
  3. make monthy sum/average for obs files: cdo -r yseasmean -monsum -mulc,86400 ../in/${VAR} ${VAR}
  4. make eval plots for all models: Rscript eval_plots_loop.R
  5. merge eval plots to one pdf: convert -geometry 2000×1200 bias*png bias_${VAR}_EUR-11.pdf; rm bias*png
  6. make taylor plot for with all models: Rscript eval_taylorplot.R
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