sortbufrtemp.pl <bufr file>
          [--outfile <sorted bufr file>]
          [--tablepath <path to BUFR tables>]
          [--verbose n]

       --outfile <filename>
                        Will print to <filename> instead of STDOUT
       --tablepath <path to BUFR tables>
                        Set path to BUFR tables (overrides $ENV{BUFR_TABLES})
       --verbose n      Set verbose level to n, 0<=n<=3 (default 0).
                        n>=1: prints which BUFR messages were actually altered,
                              and which messages were removed because unexpanded
                              descriptors did not start with 309052
                        n>=2: prints which pressure levels were merged, and
                              which levels were removed due to missing pressure
                        n=3: prints which subset, message number and ahl
                             (if exists) is currently processed
                        Verbose output is sent to STDOUT, so ought to be
                        combined with option --outfile
       --help           Display Usage and explain the options used. Almost
                        the same as consulting perldoc mergebufrtemp.pl

    Options may be abbreviated, e.g. "--h" or "-h" for "--help".

    To avoid having to use the "--tablepath" option, you are adviced to set
    the environment variable BUFR_TABLES to the directory where your BUFR
    tables are located (unless the default path provided by sortbufrtemp.pl
    works for you).
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