Adding option --verbose 1 will display the tables loaded (and nothing more) for all of the utility programs. This might be especially handy in some situations where execution fails, like in the following example:

bufrresolve.pl 309056 --verbose 1

with output (from an installation of Geo::BUFR version 1.37):

BUFR.pm: Reading table /usr/local/lib/bufrtables/B0000000000000029000.TXT
BUFR.pm: Reading table /usr/local/lib/bufrtables/D0000000000000029000.TXT
BUFR.pm ERROR: No sequence descriptor 309056 in BUFR table D at /home/cpan/bufrresolve.pl line 140.

With the extra output provided by --verbose 1, one is naturally led to search for 309056 in /usr/local/lib/bufrtables/D00000000000000??000.TXT, revealing that 309056 was first introduced in master table version 31. So the previous command ought to be replaced by

bufrresolve.pl 309056 --bufrtable D0000000000000031000.TXT
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