1) bufrresolve.pl <descriptor(s)>
         [--bufrtable <name of BUFR table]
         [--tableformat <BUFRDC|ECCODES>]
         [--tablepath <path to BUFR tables>]
         [--verbose n]

      2) bufrresolve.pl --code <code or flag table>
         [--bufrtable <name of BUFR table>]
         [--tableformat <BUFRDC|ECCODES>]
         [--tablepath <path to BUFR tables>]
         [--verbose n]

      3) bufrresolve.pl --flag <value> --code <flag table>
         [--bufrtable <name of BUFR table]
         [--tableformat <BUFRDC|ECCODES>]
         [--tablepath <path to BUFR tables>]
         [--verbose n]

       --partial    Expand D descriptors only once, ignoring replication
       --simple     Like --partial, but displaying the resulting
                    descriptors on one line
       --noexpand   Don't expand D descriptors at all
       --bufrtable <name of BUFR B or D table>  Set BUFR tables
       --tableformat Currently supported are BUFRDC and ECCODES (default is BUFRDC)
       --tablepath <path to BUFR tables>  Set BUFR table path
       --verbose n  Display path and tables used if n > 0
       --help       Display Usage and explain the options used. Almost
                    the same as consulting perldoc bufrresolve.pl

    Usage 1): Resolves the given descriptor(s) fully into table B
    descriptors, with name, unit, scale, reference value and width (in bits)
    written on each line (except for --simple). --partial, --simple and
    --noexpand are mutually exclusive (full expansion is default).

    Usage 2): Prints the contents of the requested code or flag table (named
    by the table B descriptor).

    Usage 3): Displays the bits set when the data value for the requested
    flag table is <value>.

    Options may be abbreviated, e.g. "--h" or "-h" for "--help"
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