bufrextract.pl <bufr file(s)>
          [--ahl <ahl_regexp>]
          [--only_ahl] | [--without_ahl] | [--gts]
          [--outfile <filename>]
          [--verbose n]

       --ahl <ahl_regexp> Extract BUFR messages and/or AHLs with AHL
                          matching <ahl_regexp> only
       --gts              Include full gts message envelope if present
       --only_ahl         Extract AHLs only
       --without_ahl      Extract BUFR messages only
       --outfile <filename>
                          Will print to <filename> instead of STDOUT
       --help             Display Usage and explain the options used. For even
                          more info you might prefer to consult perldoc bufrextract.pl
       --verbose n        Set verbose level to n, 0<=n<=6 (default 0)

    Options may be abbreviated, e.g. "--h" or "-h" for "--help".

    For option "--ahl" the <ahl_regexp> should be a Perl regular expression.
    E.g. "--ahl 'ISS... ENMI'" will decode only BUFR SHIP (ISS) from

    Use option "--gts" if you want the full GTS message envelope (if
    present) to be included in output. There are 2 main variations on this
    envelope (SOH/ETX and ZCZC notation), for details see the Manual on the
    GTS: Attachment II-4. Format of Meteorological Messages.

    No bufrtables are needed for running bufrextract.pl, since section 4 in
    BUFR message will not be decoded (which also speeds up execution quite a
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