Newbies guide to running NorESM

The purpose of this page is to be able to set up and run the model within 15 minutes. For more advanced configuration, please consult

This guide assumes that you have properly checked out the model to some directory which will call $NORESM. This directory will contain subdirectories “models” and “scripts”.

Go to scripts directory

cd $NORESM/scripts

Create the case

./create_newcase -case ../cases/casename/ -mach machinename -res f19_g16 -compset compsetname

(where casename, machinename and compsetname are user input. Res is imodel resolution. The user can not give any resolution since input data are not prepared for any resolution in NorESM.)

To see a list of available composets type

./create_newcase -list

The simplest case which runs production tagged aerosols and data ocean in a VERY coarse resolution is

./create_newcase -case /path/to/where/I/store/the/case -compset NFPTAERO -mach hexagon -res f10_f10

Configure the case

cd $NORESM/cases/casename

edit any configuration files (understand env_conf.xml and env_run.xml)

./configure -case (in NorESM1 / CAM4)


./cesm_setup (in NorESM2 / CAM5)

After these two commands, the case is configured

Build the case

./ (NorESM1 / CAM4)

./ (NorESM2 / CAM5)

Run the case



There are already several pre-defined compsets. They all have long and short names. As and example we can use the compset N_2000_AEROSLO_CN (with short name N2000AERCN). Thus a valid command on the machine hexagon is:

./create_newcase -case /path/to/my/case/directory/ -mach hexagon -res f19_g16 -compset N2000AERCN

(will run a “year 2000” CAM4/NorESM1 case with the Oslo-aerosols)

./create_newcase -case /path/to/my/case/directory/ -mach hexagon -res f19_g16 -compset FAMIPC5

(will configure the “default” atmoshere-only simulation of CAM5)

Important files

The most important files to understand in your case-directory are:

  • env_run.xml (model run type, how long time to run etc)
  • env_conf.xml (model configuration)

More information

Go to Advanced configuration (NorESM1) for more information

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