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Slab ocean 1850 control simulation

Purpose of simulation:

Contact person: Jens Debernard

Data owner: Jens Debernard (

Revision Number: r167

Production computer used: Cray XT3 in Bergen (hexagon)

Production date: April-May 2013

Ensemble runs: No

Storage locations:

Storage space: 1

Projects: EarthClim


Papers in preparation:

Simulation name(s): NE1850AERCN_N1M_v0

Compset name used: NE1850AERCN

Model type: Prognostic atm, land, ice and slab ocean.

Type of run: Branch

Simulation period: year 21 - 63

Initialisation Start from 20-year spin-up from NAER1850CNOC_f19_g16_06, year 760

Resolution: f19_g16= 1.9×2.5 degree atmosphere/land. Bipolar ocean/ice grid, ~ 1 degree

Greenhouse gases: 1850 fixed value.

Emission inventories IPCC AR5 1850 Control,

Frequency for output: Monthly.

Special considerations:

Tuning parameters which are changed relative to the host model CAM4:

rhminl: 0.90 lower RH threshold for formation of low stratiform clouds (0.91 in CAM4)

critrp: 5.0 mm/day maximum prcipitation rate for suppression of autoconversion of cloud water (0.5 mm/day in CAM4)

r3lc: 14 um critical mean droplet volume radius for onset of autoconversion (10 um in CAM4)

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