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kilden drift services - embedded WMS client

kilden wms oil+ship drift

WMS facilities

Basic WMS map facilities are accessed by the buttons above the map area:

  • Zoom in (by clicking once in the map or by drawing out a rectangle)
  • Zoom out
  • Panning
  • Info (n/a)
  • Original map section
  • Previous view
  • Next view
  • Update view (same as main menu button)

NB! The map projection is tailored to northern Europe and is fixed. The view may be distorted in other areas of the world, for example in the southern hemisphere.

Oil drift data

  • There is a time selector menu and increment buttons under the main menu.
  • In the map area there is a legend explaining the color-coding of the particles:
    • The static string of black dots indicates the positions of the centroid of the first batch, throughout the simulation. It is meant to give a quick idea of the general direction of the drift. Hide by selecting Options for the simulation (main menu) and select objekter.
    • The red dot is the centroid of the first batch at the current time.
    • The gray particles represent the cloud of oil particles.
    • Objects are stranded when they hit land. This is currently defined by the grid of the ocean model and not by the land contour shown on the map. Thus, particles may appear to strand on land or offshore.
    • NB! In a coupled ship drift - oil drift simulation, the green dots also indicate the trajectory of the ship.
  • The text box shows status and oil budget information for the current time step. It may be toggled on and off by (de-)selecting Legenda under the Base layers section of the Main Menu.

Other data

Base layers include lat-long lines and a toggle for displaying the oil budget text box.

The hirlam20.00 and Nordic4km.00 selections show's latest numerical forecast products for the atmosphere and ocean circulation. Coverage is limited to Europe and the Nordic Seas, respectively. These are in general not the same data that were used to force the drift model. (They will correspond to the forcing data only if was selected as the Ocean model.)

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