S9.2.3 - Marine security and ecosystem health in the Aegean Sea

The existing marine services marine security and ecosystem health in the Aegean Sea is based on the POSEIDON monitoring and forecasting system that operates a network of oceanographic buoys in the Aegean Sea and a suite of regional weather, wave, hydrodynamic and ecosystem models. The oil spill service has been upgraded through the MARSAIS (EC/FP5) ROSES and MARCOAST (ESA/GSE) projects to incorporate R/S (SAR) data for the detection of oil slicks, enabling monitoring of illicit vessel discharges. The oil spill model uses weather, wave and circulation parameters (wind, air temperature, wave height, 3-D currents, density and diffusivities) through a dedicated interface to the specific operational forecasting products of the POSEIDON system. It can be activated trough a web interface on user demand (for real cases or scenario studies), or it is automatically activated upon detection of an oil slick by analysis of SAR data. The ecosystem model has been developed for the needs of MFSTEP (EC/FP5) project and is currently being upgraded to an operational service through the POSEIDON-II national project. Through the same project the observing network is enriched with additional biochemical data for calibration and NRT validation of ecosystem modelling products.

The main goal will be to demonstrate the value of accessing heterogeneous information products (model nowcasts and forecasts, in situ and R/S observations) in an efficient way for

  • fast response to emergency situations (marine accidents, pollution, SAR operations)
  • assessment of the regional eutrophication state and
  • long term planning through “what if” scenarios.

The service demonstration during the TOP period will be carried out in collaboration with:

  • The Marine Environment Protection unit of the Ministry of Mercantile Marine who is the major user of marine GMES services in Greece.
  • Smaller end-users (local authorities) who have the responsibility of marine environmental conditions in coastal areas.
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