Some few more examples mainly to illustrate the power of the --ahl option, extracting from the same file of GTS bulletins as used before. For simplicity, we combine with option --only_ahl to give readable output.

Extracting all BUFR messages from a specific centre (ENMI) to file ahls_enmi:

bufrextract.pl sn.0113.bin --only_ahl --ahl "ENMI" --outfile ahls_enmi

Extracting synoptic observations from land stations from 2 specific centres to file ahls_isl:

bufrextract.pl sn.0113.bin --only_ahl --ahl "IS(M|I|N)... (ENMI|EGRR)" --outfile ahls_isl

Extracting all corrected bulletins to file ahls_ccx:

bufrextract.pl sn.0113.bin --only_ahl --ahl "CC.$" --outfile ahls_ccx

Extracting a specific regular bulletin (excluding corresponding corrected and retarded bulletins by ending ahl regexp with a '$') to file ahls_eswi:

bufrextract.pl sn.0113.bin --only_ahl --ahl "ISSD01 ESWI 160000$" --outfile ahls_eswi

Same as above, but allowing also for corrected and retarded bulletins, to file ahls_eswiall:

bufrextract.pl sn.0113.bin --only_ahl --ahl "ISSD01 ESWI 160000" --outfile ahls_eswiall

Extracting all oceanographic/limnographic data (IO) that are not Buoy observations (IOB) to file ahls_ionB:

bufrextract.pl sn.0113.bin --only_ahl --ahl "^IO[^B]" --outfile ahls_ionB
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