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STARS Data Set

A data set has been build for the STARS project, containing satellite data, in situ observations and NWP data, called STARS-DAT. This data set is fundamental for most of the studies performed in STARS. In the STARS-DAT data set all data sources has been re-gridded to a common 2km polar stereographic projection, and data files are provided on NetCDF3 format.
More details about the data set is available in the the STARS-DAT User Manual: stars-dat_user-manual_d6_v2p1.pdf

The STARS-DAT data set consist of about 137.000 files. To ease the exploration of the STARS-DAT data set, an image-based data set of all the polar low cases of the STARS-DAT has been built. This image-based data set has been made available through a PHP script setup available at this link:

Examples from the STARS-DAT quicklooks

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