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METAMOD 2.x is a portal solution providing Discovery, Access and Retrieve functionality for scientific datasets along with tools for metadata handling etc. It allows for automatic and manual DAR Metadata creation. The Metadata can be converted to different formats and exposed using different search-interfaces, i.e. ISO23950 and OAI-PMH. METAMOD 2.x has been designed to be easily integrable with OpENDAP or ftp data-servers, i.e. THREDDS and allows data-upload through FTP and HTTP interfaces.



  • ported to Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) and PostgreSQL 9.3
  • automatic detection of PSQL version during installation
  • search API webservice


  • dynamic search map using WMS
  • improved support for background maps in different projections
  • support for boolean operators, phrases and wildcards in text search
  • automatic building and installation of Perl dependencies using Carton
  • support for Ubuntu 12.4 Precise Pangolin and PostgreSQL 9.1
  • fix for old GetLegendGraphics bug to work with new version of THREDDS
  • upgraded to latest Catalyst version (5.9)
  • easier configuration (lsconf, virtualenv, sanity checker)
  • support for manual configuration and serving static files in Apache (again)
  • WMS search map thumbnails
  • support for custom validators in OAI-PMH
  • support for two-dimensional arrays in timeseries plots and ascii/json download
  • WMS slideshow, frame stepping controls
  • template texts fully customizable per site
  • download external files, generates client file download scripts in various languages
  • support for nGinX and CheckMK


  • projection selector and timeslider in wms client
  • visualization of non-gridded timeseries
  • fimex support for reading via opendap
  • subsetting and (experimental) reprojection via OPeNDAP


Improved WMS client with many new features:

  • new advanced layer selector with separate legends and time axis
  • multiple transparent daya layers can be displayed simultaneously
  • layers from different datasets and sources can be combined in client using collection basket
  • timeslider allows for animation of multiple layers simultaneously
  • support for many more projections (depending on data source WMS server)
  • added support for WMS 1.1.1 (in addition to 1.3.0)


  • Simplified installation - now running directly from source, Debian installer
  • WMS visualization of time series, aggregated datasets, collection basket
  • Final PHP module (OAI-PMH) rewritten in Perl
  • Added config defaults, simplifying site administration


  • Allowing near-realtime data upload
  • Queue system implemented for background jobs
  • Cron scheduling for Harvester, FTP upload
  • Improvements in the metadata backend
  • Each site must now run separate userbase


  • Stable release using Catalyst/Perl web frontend
  • Hashed passwords for improved security


  • Technology preview using Catalyst/Perl for web interface instead of PHP


  • Connecting to SRU2JDBC for ISO23950 support
  • Dataset subscription via e-mail and RSS support
  • Improved ISO19115/19139 support compatible with WIS and GeoNetworks
  • WMS improvements
  • User database


  • WMS presentation of data
  • WMS preview in client
  • Registration of files in existing repository
  • Search in different world-maps

Internal release number only.


  • general text search
  • methods for re-projecting 2D data (fimex)
  • methods for connecting to WMS server
  • module for automatic update of THREDDS catalog.
  • improvements in PMH server and dataset administration.


  • implementation of a two-level view of datasets. At the highest level, datasets representing several files are described. Details of each file are described at the second level.


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