How to download

The latest stable release will be available as Debian package or a gzipped tarfile below. An external Ubuntu repository will be online sometime in the future, meanwhile the Lucid repo is available for internal use at In addition the latest bleeding edge version will be available as source through the Subversion repository.

2013-07-26: METAMOD 2.13 released

2013-01-16: METAMOD 2.12 released

1012-06-20: METAMOD v2.11 released

2012-02-03: METAMOD v2.10 released

  • Installation vastly simplified, now everything runs from source (no script generation needed)
  • All software available as Debian packages, including dependencies: metno-metamod-2.10_2.10.0-4_all.deb

2011-09-08: METAMOD v2.9 released

2011-08-24: METAMOD v2.8 released

2010-12-22: METAMOD v2.7 released

2010-11-25: METAMOD v2.6 released

Older releases:

METAMOD depends on a long list of Perl modules and C libraries as specified in the docs. If using Ubuntu the latter can be installed from the regular package repositories. The Perl modules however are usually too old or missing and must be installed separately. While you may choose to install them from CPAN as usual, METAMOD 2.13 includes all Perl dependencies either ready compiled in the Debian package, or as tar.gz files in the source for simple installation using Carton.

For older versions of METAMOD, the easiest way is to use the provided Debian package metno-perl-webdev-ver1 which contain all necessary Perl modules and other dependent modules. This can be downloaded here for Lucid 64-bit:


For internal use at the Lucid repo can also be used.

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