Requirements for Osisaf before Release

Meeting: for Osisaf: Steinar Eastwood, Thomas Lavergne, for Metamod:Egil Støren, Heiko Klein, Trond Michelsen, Geir Aalberg

Date: 2010-02-12

Reporter: Heiko Klein

  • Egil took the metadata-extractor from the requirements for the dokipy.
  • Thomas testet successfully the Osisaf-files against dokipy.
  • Some additional global attributes are required:
    • platform_name (i.e. satellite, comma-separated list)
    • instrument_name (comma-separated list)
    • copyright_statement
    • area (comma-separated list, Steinar will provide a list of allowed names, those will be extended in the future.)
  • Metamod will test for the required attributes. Metamod does not run a full CF-compliance-check.
  • Osisaf has dataset-codes like osi-401 or osi-409. Those datasets include both northern (nh) and southern (sh) hemisphere files. Therefore, for Metamod these datasets need to be split into the searchable areas.
    • Datasets must be created by Osisaf in the Metamod Administration interface
      • Egil will help with the creation of the first datasets
    • The SMS-job putting data on Osisaf will need to trigger the metadata-extraction in osisaf by calling the following url (e.g with wget):

      On failure, the return-code is 500/Application Error.

  • The current data-storage is /vol/osisaf. This might be moved to /vol/osisaf/data. Steinar will inform Egil/Heiko if/when this happens.
  • The storage directory for datasets is either archive or reprossessing.
  • The data of the datasets might reside in sub-catalogs of the dataset-catalog, e.g. dataset/YYYYMM/ This is for easier browsing of the ftp-server. The files of the datasets are unique, independently of the sub-catalogs.
  • Metamod and Thredds are not! going to index/access the prod catalogue, since this is only a subset of the archive.
  • Osisaf-Operators might delete files, and resend them at a later stage. Metamod can already handle that, with the exception that for the time in between, metamod might link to an non-existing file.
  • a first functional Thredds/ncWMS configuration will be made by Heiko. Thomas/Steinar will then take over and eventually add further information.
  • as server, ncWMS/Thredds will be used.
  • all files have only 1 time
  • the first version of the client will be missing some functionality, which will be

added during Metamod2.5/CryoClim:

  • no border/map (institute will set up a map-server at a later stage)
  • limited printing-support
  • no selection of default legend/colors
  • no selection of default projection
  • some functionality is not supported in Thredds/ncWMS, and will be looked at within the MyOcean project:
  • no support for vectors
  • no support for 'flag_values'
  • Open questions:
  • Does ncWMS support only quadratic pictures?
  • Is it easy possible to add own projections to ncWMS?

Steinar informed that the Osisaf reviewer will require a service description. Steinar will come back to this at its time, with some additional information.

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