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WDB2TS (actually mod_wdb2ts) is an apache module that can be used to retrieve time series of meteorological data from a given point location in a WDB database. The request interface is built to be similar to a REST web service, and is versioned such that new functionality can be introduced without breaking existing applications. Data can be delivered in one of several formats, specified upon request.

WDB2TS is an open-source project licensed under GPL2 or (at your option) any later version.

Release Status

WDB2TS is currently at version 0.1.6. It can be downloaded via the link on the sidebar.

WDB2TS Features

  • Web service interface
    • WDB2TS is designed to provide a REST-inspired web service interface to one (or more) WDB systems
  • Configurable return format
    • WDB2TS can deliver data in any of several formats. Current formats available are XML and CSV (comma-separated files)

WDB2TS Roadmap

  • WDB2TS will be used with the Hindcast project (multi-terabyte forecast field archive)
  • Facility for returning aggregated and corrected products
  • Improvement of performance
  • Improving the test framework and documentation
  • Debian package
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