The details of the test framework for WDB are described in the Test Plan chapter of the Developer Documentation. Specific installation tests for each component of the WDB system are documented in the System Test Specification of the component.

WDB's source repository is subject to continuous integration using CruiseControl. Each time anyone commits code into the source code repository, CruiseControl will check it out and attempt to pack a .tar.gz source distribution, unpack it, compile the code, run the unit tests, install it, run the (200+) installations tests on the new source code, and then uninstall the build. After this has been done, the committer will receive an e-mail reporting the result of the build.

CruiseControl's test procedure utilizes the make distcheck target; thus it is usually a good idea to run make distcheck before submitting code into the source repository.

The tests are currently run on the WDB project's test server, PrologDev1 (Debian Gnu/Linux Etch x86_64).

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