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Although WDB is originally developed and hosted by (, it's a true open-source project under GPL2 license. If you would like to contribute, contact us using the mail address listed in the sidebar.

We are currently working on setting up a public mailing list that will be utilized for future development discussions.

There are many ways to join the project, either by writing code, or by testing and/or helping to manage the WDB Issue List.

  • Look at the issue list and create a patch for the problem. To submit code, simply send your patch to the WDB Dev Group
  • Look at the issue list and create a test for the issue that recreates the reported problem. Having a test makes it much easier to find the source of the problem, and verify that it has been fixed
  • Set up an automated build and test suite for WDB on your hardware platform

Before you contribute code, you might want to read:

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