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Development Environment

This page is under construction.

WDB has been developed to be as Eclipse-friendly as possible. The following is a preliminary recipe as to how you can set up Eclipse for WDB (on a Linux environment).

To set up the basic development environment used for WDB:

  • Visit to download and install Eclipse.
    • Make sure to grab the Eclipse IDE for C/C++ developers
  • Install the plugins used for WDB development
    • Help → Software Updates → Find and Install
    • Import the download sites for Eclipse
    • Install the following features (don't forget “Select Required”)
      • Data Tools Platform SQL Development Tools (Europa Discovery Site)
      • Data Tools Platform Enablement (Europa Discovery Site)
      • Autotools (Sourceware)
      • ShellEd (Chase Technology)
      • Subclipse (Subclipse update site)
    • Download XMLBuddy and follow the instructions to install (unzip file to eclipse/plugins/)

You should now have a fully functional development environment for developing on WDB.

To download WDB using Eclipse:

  • File → New → Project → SVN
  • Use the repository location and select wdb/trunk
  • Using the project wizard to configure, select C++ Autotools project
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