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We use Bugzilla as our primary tool for tracking and prioritizing issues and bugs. The following section gives some basic description of how we use Bugzilla.

Bug Severity

Severity defines the impact of the bug on the system; i.e., the seriousness of the bug in terms of functionality. It is usually set initially by the reporter.

Severity Level Severity Description
Blocker System is unusable or incorrect and no work-around exists. In addition, the issue is blocking development or testing on other fronts.
Critical System is unusable or incorrect and no work-around exists. System is unusable for most users without a fix.
Major System is unusable or incorrect. A work-around may exist, but it is inconvenient or difficult.
Minor System is incorrect or minor component is unusable. There is a simple work-around for the issue.
Trivial Cosmetic issue, that does not affect system functionality or correctness. Minor documentation errors.
Enhancement Planned-for new features and enhancement requests.

Bug Priority

Priority defines the importance of the bug with respect to future releases. It should be set by the release manager and user groups.

Priority Level Priority Description
High This is a must-fix issue; to be fixed immediately. A release should not contain any outstanding issues of High priority.
Medium This is a should-fix issue; to be fixed as soon as possible. A release should contain as few Medium priority issues as possible.
Low This is a could-fix issue; to be fixed when convenient.
Not Set The default state of an item when it is added to the issue tracker.
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