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CityZen Results

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Important results obtained in the CityZen project are presented here. In some cases (unpublished results), the pages containing the results are password-protected.

Emission data

  • Emissions for Europe provided by INERIS, click here (requires login).
  • Emissions for Istanbul and Athens provided by ECPL/ITU, click here (requires login).
  • Emission data for provided by PKU, click here (requires login).
  • Global emissions provided by CNRS, click here (requires login).
  • Emission scenarios for 2030 provided by IIASA for the selected CityZen regions, click here (requires login).

Ground-based measurements

  • Eastern Mediterranean measurement data provided by ECPL, NOA, METU, and CEHM, click here.
  • PRD measurement data provided by PKU, click here (requires login).
  • Po Valley measurement data provided by CNR-ISAC, click here (requires login).
  • BeNeLux/Rhine-Ruhr measurement data provided by FRIUUK, click here (requires login).
  • Measurement data extracted by NILU, click here {requires login}.

Satellite measurements

  • Global SCIAMACHY CO2 and CH4 satellite retrievals provided by IUP-UB, click here (requires login).
  • Aerosol data from SeaWiFS and MERIS provided by IUP-UB, click here (requires login).
  • GOME and SCIAMACHY NO2, SO2, HCHO, and CHOCHO data provided by IUP-UB, click here (requires login).
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