MEGAPOLI & CityZen Joint Events / Meetings


Dissemination and collaboration with the EU FP7 MEGAPOLI project

The purpose of this task was linked to possibilities of mutual benefits between the EU FP7 projects MEGAPOLI and CityZen. At the beginning, after the joint Telephone Conference (Jan 2009) web pages with joint activities of the two projects were established.

During 2008-2011, the special sessions on Megacities and joint splinter meetings (including also the MILAGRO project) were organized at the European Geosciences Union Annual General Assemblies - EGU-2009 (21 Apr 2009), EGU-2010 (4 May 2010) and EGU-2011 (5 Apr 2011) in Vienna, Austria, and an End-User Workshop was jointly organized in Geneva, Switzerland (WMO, Feb 2010). The two projects have made joint contributions to the WMO/IGAC assessment on megacities. ECPL has also participated in the Final MEGAPOLI Symposium (26-28 Sep 2011; Paris, France) and presented their results.

4-5 April 2011 – participation of the MEGAPOLI & CityZen partners and collaborators in the European Geosciences Union (EGU-2011) Annual General Assembly (3-8 Apr 2011, Vienna, Austria)

3-4 May 2010 – participation of the MEGAPOLI & CityZen partners and collaborators in the European Geosciences Union (EGU-2010) Annual General Assembly (2-7 May 2010, Vienna, Austria)

  • 3 May 2010 - AS3.7 Special joint MILAGRO, CityZen, and MEGAPOLI session "Megacities: Air Quality and Climate Impacts from Local to Global Scales" (about 80 oral and poster presentations were submitted), Convener: L.T. Molina, Co-Conveners: M. Gauss, A. Baklanov
  • 4 May 2010 - joint splinter meeting of the MEGAPOLI, CityZen and MILAGRO projects (Introduction - by Michael Gauss, status and progress on projects - MEGAPOLI - by Alexander Baklanov, MILAGRO - by Luisa Molina, CityZen - by Michael Gauss; and followed discussions led by Mark Lawrence and Michael Gauss; summary notes of the meeting - by Alexander Mahura); Attendees: 43 persons (MEGAPOLI: 16; CityZen: 16; MILAGRO: 7; other projects: 4) from 13 countries (Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, USA, Mexico, Singapore, The Netherlands, France, Russia, UK, China, Norway, and Denmark) from 27 research organizations/ institutions (list of participants)

24-26 Feb 2010 – End-User Workshop “Mesoscale modelling for air pollution applications - achievements and challenges” at WMO in Geneva, Switzerland

  • organized together with WMO, GURME, COST-728 and MEGAPOLI in cooperation with CityZen, COST-ES602, ACCENT, and MACC Projects (materials are placed at internal websites)

19-24 Apr 2009 – participation of the MEGAPOLI & CityZen partners and collaborators in the European Geosciences Union (EGU-2009) Annual General Assembly (19-24 Apr 2009,Vienna, Austria)

  • 20 Apr 2009 – 08.30-19.30 : AS3.8 Special Session on “Megacity Impacts on Regional and Global Scales” (in total 17 oral and 45 poster presentations were presented - divided into 3 oral and 2 poster sessions)
  • 21 Apr 2009 – 10.30-12.00 : Joint splinter meeting with the MEGAPOLI-CityZen projects participants; discussions on IGAC-sponsored “Assessment on Impacts of Mega-cities on Air Quality and Climate: Outline and Activities” (chapter on “Past and Current * Research Activities on Atmospheric Chemistry in Mega-cities in Europe”) and
  • Summary memo-notes including list of participants, summary of presentations; details of discussions - summarized by Alexander Mahura (DMI Team)
  • presentations: Michael Gauss ( – Introduction to the Meeting; Alexander Baklanov (DMI) – Introduction of the MEGAPOLI Project; Michael Gauss ( – Introduction of the CityZen Project
  • 24 Apr 2009 – discussions on joint session with contributions from the MEGAPOLI, CityZen, and MILAGRO projects; session is scheduled for the EGU-2010 Annual Meeting (May 2010, Vienna, Austria) - with presentations by continents (e.g. Europe, America, Asia, and other); a 2nd splinter meeting between the MEGAPOLI and CityZen projects will be organized as well.

24-27 Mar 2009 – 7th International Conference on Air Quality - Science and Application (Istanbul, Turkey;

  • The relevant presentations were given at the “Air Quality and Climate/ Meteorology Interactions and Feedbacks” special session organized in cooperation with the EUCAARI, MEGAPOLI, CityZen, COST-728 and other projects.

7 Jan 2009 – MEGAPOLI & CityZen Sister Project Telephone Conference (participated 7 persons)

  • The meeting included discussions on identification of collaboration between the 2 projects (notes are available here); differences and overlaps; IGAC assessment; Establishing links to each other’s web sites; Emission inventories; Coordinated model studies; Exchange of measurement data; Common database at NILU; Exchange and use of each other’s mailing lists; Future conferences, where MEGAPOLI and CityZen should meet; Action items; Research questions of MEGAPOLI and CityZen.

FP7 EC MEGAPOLI & CityZen, 2008-2011

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