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Deleted item means already in the development version.

Todo list

Medium term

  • support for trajectories (and other CF-1.6 Discrete Sampling Geometries)
  • improve performance of –process options together with –extract
  • ncml: warn instead of fail when manipulating undefined data (variable without 'type', removal of non-existing dimensions/variables) (QA: Mariken)
  • merge with fill, vector-rerotation (eraInt,CRDX-hindcast → svim) (QA: Jens D, Jan-Erik H.)
  • vertical interpolations in f90 interface / at least exposure of auxiliary variables (QA: Trygve A.)
  • area-corrected re-projection-interpolation (requires surrounding points in lat/lon) (QA: F.Tveter)
  • template-interpolation in xyzt, e.g. to slider-track (QA: Kai C.)
  • pinning of grib-dimensions from inconsistent grib-files (QA: Trygve A.)
  • ncml-aggregation should not keep open more than a few hundred files (QA: Heiko K.)

Long Term

  • File / IO
    • FMRC for data in grib/felt
    • time-bounds for precipitation-data from felt/grib/wdb (accumulated fields)
    • read data with GDAL?
  • Interpolation
    • further interpolation of time
      • cell_methods
      • time_bounds
      • better handling of missing time-steps / multiple time-axis
  • Manipulation
    • manipulation with R
  • Extraction
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