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  • File / IO
    • reading/writing of NetCDF (3 & 4) CF-1.0 files
    • reading OpENDAP streams
    • reading via NcML files
    • reading of Felt ( format) files
    • reading/writing data from MetGM/STANAG 6022 files
    • reading/writing of grib1 and grib2 files
    • aggregation (joining) of files via NcML
    • arbitrary slicing
    • detection of coordinate systems
    • detection of projections
    • accessing and reading data using python / numpy
  • Interpolation
    • reprojection using proj4 strings
    • interpolation of scalar gridded data
    • interpolation of vector gridded data using constant and variable vector length
    • interpolation of lat/lon coordinates to projection (e.g. GHRSST satellite data)
    • automatic detection of output projection axes using the maximum bounding-box
    • automatic detection of spatial vectors
    • linear time interpolation
    • vertical interpolation to height or pressure levels (lin, log(p), log(log(p))
    • pre-processing of data for vertical levels: theta2T, add4Dpressure
    • pre-processing of data: fill 2d data
  • Manipulation
    • manipulation with NcML files
    • renaming of variables, attributes and dimensions
    • addition of variables, attributes
    • removing of variables, attributes
    • merging of files with different horizontal resolution
    • adding of value-mask (e.g. land-mask) from external files
    • manipulation using python / numpy
  • Extraction
    • extraction of variables
    • extraction of subsets (spatial, vertical and time)
    • extraction of quality-assured data
    • extraction of coordinate-system
    • extraction of data in ForecastModelRunCollection
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