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NEW ftp site for CityZen (since March 2010)

This ftp site has been established for data exchange within CityZen. Please use this site only for data related to CityZen.

To upload files to this ftp site do the following:

Name: your wiki user name
Password: your wiki pass word

cd projects/cityzen/

There you will find various directories. Put your files to the directory you find appropriate. If you don't find an appropriate directory please send an e-mail to the coordinator.

NOTE: The ftp site is visible only to CityZen partners. In most directories all CityZen partners have read and write access (i.e. 'delete' access). Thus everybody is strongly advised to keep copies of their files at home!

The ftp site also accepts anonymous login, but being anonymous you won't see the cityzen directory.

OLD (emep) ftp site (before March 2010)

Note: This ftp site will cease to exist on May 24, 2010!

Name: emepftp
Password: emepftp12

cd pub_ftp/CityZen/
put <filename>
get <filename>
… quit

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