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WDB is a database system designed to store MHO (Meteorological, Hydrological and Oceanographic) data in a PostgreSQL database management server. The purpose of the WDB system is to improve the quality and effectiveness of IT systems for MHO production by providing a complete, flexible, and effective data storage solution for real-time and archive data.

WDB is an open-source project licensed under GPL2.

Latest Release

WDB 0.6rc1 is currently available (download). Note that the WDB system is still under development; we do not recommend the use of 0.6rc1 for production.

WDB Features

  • Decode and store meteorological forecast fields
    • WDB has loading programs to load forecasts, analysis, etc. stored in GRIB-fm5 format. Metadata is provided for HIRLAM fields
  • Decode and store oceanographic fields
    • WDB has loading programs to load wave and circulation models stored in GRIB-fm5 files. Metadata is provided for WAM fields
  • Flexible retrieval interface
    • The WDB Call Interface (WCI) allows the extraction of entire fields or points (time-series) from the database using an SQL-based function interface.
    • WCI is compatible with C++
    • The interface should be usable in C, Java, Perl, Python, and Fortran as well, but these interfaces are yet to be tested

Future WDB Features

  • Putting WDB into production in the Hindcast project (multi-terabyte forecast field archive)
  • Creating a load-balancing and fail-over solution for the WDB system
  • Improving the test framework and documentation
  • Improving the performance of the overall system


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