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WDB is a database system designed to store Weather and Water data (also referred to as MHO - Meteorological, Hydrological, and Oceanographic data) in a PostgreSQL database management server. The overall purpose of the system is to improve the effectiveness and quality of IT systems for MHO production. The system is intended to provide a complete real-time and archive data storage solution.

WDB is being developed to:

  • Decode and store meteorological, hydrological, and oceanographic observations/point forecasts, including chemical or physical data but excluding biological and environmental data. Such data is assumed to be encoded in BUFR telegrams.
  • Decode and store meteorological forecast fields (forecasts, analysis, etc.) as well as oceanographic fields (wave and circulation models). Such data is assumed to be encoded in GRIB-fm5 or GRIB2 files.
  • Provide a flexible retrieval interface to the database for Java, Fortran, C++, Perl and Python.

Current Status:

WDB is capable of decoding and storing meteorological and oceanographics forecast fields from GRIB files. It allows retrieval of time-series (points) and entire fields using an SQL-based function interface (tested with C++, but should be compatible with Java, Perl, Python and Fortran).


Current development goals:

  • Putting WDB into production in the Hindcast project (multi-terabyte forecast field archive)
  • Creating a load-balancing and fail-over solution for the WDB system
  • Improving the test framework and documentation
  • Improving the performance of the overall system


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