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Upload module spec

This specification outlines how the upload module should be rewritten from PHP to Perl/Catalyst starting with Metamod 2.8.


The following functions (existing or new) must be supported:

User functions

The user must be able to:

  • upload data files via HTTP and FTP
    • either as single data files or as an archive
    • get a status log detailing if the files was uploaded successfully
      • if not, an error message describing the problem
  • delete data files from the repository
  • edit metadata for the datasets



  1. user must be authenticated and authorized

Test file

  1. receive file from user
  2. validate filename
  3. write file to webrun/upl/ftaf
  4. write new file with same name containing user's email to webrun/upl/etaf

Upload file

  1. receive file from user
  2. check dirkey
  3. validate filename
  4. write file to webrun/webupload
  5. rest is handled by upload_monitor

Register files on disk (osisaf)

  1. user calls webservice with filename, dataset and dirkey
  2. call upload_indexer
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