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During 2001/2002, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (METNO) implemented a web based tool (MetaMod) for searching data archived under the NoSerC project ( This tool was adapted for the DAMOCLES project in 2006/2007. The web interface and the overall functionality of the tool were very much improved during the DAMOCLES development, and just a small part of the original code base has remained unchanged. Other projects at METNO have also contributed to the development process. The software is now named METAMOD 2.x, to distinguish it from the original MetaMod tool that is still occasionally maintained.



METAMOD 2.5.0 released

METAMOD 2.4 was not released (only used for internal reasons). Changes in 2.5: Improvements in WMS implementation, support for registering files in an existing repository. Other minor improvements.


METAMOD 2.3.0 released

New features: General text search, methods for re-projecting 2D data, methods for connecting to WMS server, module for automatic update of THREDDS catalog. Improvements in PMH server and dataset administration.


METAMOD 2.2.0 released

This release implements a two-level view of datasets. At the highest level, datasets representing several files are described. Details of each file are described at the second level.


METAMOD 2.1.0 released


METAMOD 2.0.0 released


Metamod 1.x releases

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